Why our customers trust us?

All our highly qualified trainers have long-standing professional experience and they contribute with enthusiasm and creativity to the development of the companies of our clients.

Create and deliver Swiss quality training that all love to attend!

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our customers say:

“There were not many courses I have attended which brought that much of use and help for my actual daily work. The pattern and tools are deep in my mind and I am thankful that I followed this seminar some months ago.”

Lucas Bolfing

Head Institutional Clients

Bank Vontobel

“One of the main reasons for choosing Siegel Human Resources Ltd. was that the concept of internal co-trainers gives us a direct contact with the delegates and an insight on how our people are being trained, all this right from the beginning. We can motivate our own people together with the external trainers during the training session and have a clear view of their abilities and where to focus …”

Maximilian G. Haselbach

Head of Training, BEKB

“e-stimate is our tool for selecting officer ranks in the recruitment process. As the person responsible for HR, I have a reliable professional tool that efficiently supports the recruitment process.

It is impressive how precisely the profile predictions are confirmed by the subsequent experiences with the officers.”

Marc Lauener

Swiss Armed Forces Führungsunterstützung FUB

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Siegel has specialised in the assistance of enterprises concerned with the further development of their employees and executives by means of training concepts and seminars. 

Behavioural analyses are carried out with people in defined work related situations and on the basis of problems to be solved.

Thus, customised training programmes can be worked out, which serve to further develop the relevant skills of the employees.