Consultative selling – ODIR ®

What is ODIR ®?

ODIR ® is a communication strategy based on research data of successful sales calls. Each customer has different needs, even if he might purchase the same product. Those needs have to be meticulously uncovered and satisfied. ODIR ® is a questioning technique that allows sales people to do just that – on a repetitive basis – with lasting effectiveness. 

The ODIR ® Sales Training develops new key behaviours which help recognise and develop the needs of customers more effectively, thus guaranteeing long term sales success.

Sales managers, relationship managers, account managers, internal and external sales representatives, technical specialists with customer contact.

  • Recognition of the own behaviour patterns in the sales conversation
  • Becoming acquainted with the ODIR® consulting & sales strategy (the four phases of success)
  • Appropriate use of benefit statements and benefit presentations
  • Handling customers according to their personality
  • Handling objections
  • Handling customer complaints

Participants: 12 participants / session

Duration: 2 to 3 days delivery

Short theory inputs followed by intensive practical exercises. Feedback/analysis of role plays supported by video or audio recordings.

Personality based selling

Selling to different and difficult personalities.

Adapting yourself to the needs of the customers might become a challenge. How can you make sure you approach individuals based on their preferences?

In this programme, we teach selling based on the personality and preferences of the customers.


  • My counselling/selling style – my e-stimate ® profile 
  • Typologies of counselling/selling
  • The ODIR ® communication strategy
  • The first contact with a customer
  • How to deal with different types of customers
  • How to deal with objections and complaints
  • My marketing strategy
  • The contract
  • Persuasion – conclusion – follow-up support
  • Special situations when dealing with customers

The training makes use of psychometric profiles for all participants, in order to gain a deep understanding of the own and others preferences. 

e-stimate ® profiles use a very visual, easy to use and to understand colour-system to differentiate between behavioural tendencies. Every person has a unique combination of the four colours (representing behavioural tendencies) to a different extent. These in combination with the eight facets map the behaviour of a person with great accuracy. 

This way e-stimate® presents the individuals own behavioural style, the behaviour of the team, and specific needs of each individual.

Professionally experienced consultants as well as specialists intended for customer contact

  • Participants treat customers according to their type and personal requirements. 
  • They employ the most efficient sales techniques and gain confidence in the contact with customers. 
  • They are able to approach potential customers, recognise requirements and achieve concrete results.

Participants: 12 participants / session

Duration: 2 to 5 days delivery

During the training phases, the participants may contribute their own experiences. They will practise their newly-acquired knowledge by means of role-plays and own presentations.

Combines and connects theoretical input with intensive practical exercises and role training, supported by audio and video recordings for analysis if requested.

Win-Win Negotiations

In this programme delegates will discover and learn how to reach mutually satisfying agreements (WIN-WIN concept) by disengaging the people from the problem, focusing on interests, not positions and working together to find creative and fair options.

Professional negotiators, top managers, sales managers, account managers, purchasing managers, supply chain and procurement representatives.

  • During training, alongside the WIN-WIN concept, both the communicative behaviour of the negotiators and the reaction from the partners are observed and recorded.
  • The outcome is compared with the Siegel Communication Analysis Model CA®. The results give a clear indicator for areas of improvement and form part of the personalised feedback sessions.

Participants: 6 – 12 participants / session

Duration: 2 to 3 days delivery

Short theory inputs followed by intensive practical exercises. Feedback/analysis of role plays supported by video or audio recordings.

Success Tele Sales

This training was specifically developed upon the request of telesales customers and caters to the needs of telesales / online sales people in IT, banking, insurance and financial services. The programme has a hands-on approach with examples of real sales situations, thus guaranteeing higher results in only a few weeks.

  • Analysis of the own behaviour when selling online or overt the phone
  • How to write emails that create interest 
  • Appointments and self-management
  • Pipeline management
  • How do I come across on the first contact?
  • How do I deal with objections verbally and in writing?
  • Benefit statements – why should customer look forward to my call?
  • Practical training with personal feedback 

Business Development Managers, Account Executives, Account Managers, Customer Success Managers

Participants get to know the most effective sales strategy and gain confidence when experiencing customer contact in service and acquisition tasks online and over the phone.

Participants: 6 – 12 participants / session

Duration: 2 to 3 days delivery

Uses real life examples taken from customer interactions.

Short theory inputs followed by intensive practical exercises. Feedback/analysis of role plays supported by video or audio recordings.

On the job coaching

Helping the individual team member to reach goals and targets is the main objective of our one-to-one coaching sessions.

These sessions are successfully deployed by Oracle, TPF, SKF and many more.

Individual coaching – Prior to the live coaching we assess the current sales skills and habits of the consultant (using recordings or assisting in live calls).

After that set clear goals for the coaching sessions with the consultant and sales management. 

Sales managers, experienced / new sales representatives and professional consultants.

  • Individual coaching – In collaboration with the coach, the participants reach goals which have been set by the management.

Participants: 1 / session


  • Live presence with the consultant.
  • Virtual – online

Duration: 1 – 2 hours per session

GROOW coaching method